March 2, 2016


President Group started the Cloth manufacturing in 2013. Everyone has question like WHY? WHERE? HOW ? Let President Group answer those for you.


Modifyy was created by the President group – to bring CHANGE. CHANGE in designs, CHANGE in the quality of the fabric, CHANGE in the way fashion is perceived, CHANGE in the delivery of goods. It is a brand for every one of us with a youthful spirit; who does not take things as it comes, but is ready to stand up for something opinion, taste, people, work, family and above all a THOUGHT. Modifyy stands for creative designs that reflect one’s personality while enjoying the comfort of the fabric. Modifyy works hard (and will keep working) to bring you the best of the products with the best of creative designs that will reflect your thoughts –presently between those creases of your mind.


Modifyy products are shipped everywhere in India. No exception. Even the remotest place which has postal service, we ship. Of course, on special request we take export orders as well- anywhere in the world, you name it.


Smart Team- Work is the answer. Not Good, Not Better, we aim and promise for THE BEST service combined with the best product and creative designs. No questions asked.