March 7, 2016

Wall Tiles

President Ceramic Wall Tiles designs your home’s interior space in such a way that your walls becomes an extension of your personality. Your wall tiles will reflect not only your style, but your attitude. For the same reason we take personal care when it comes to providing you with ceramic wall tiles that is going to be a part of your dream home, your dream space and above all a part of the life you always dreamt off. President Ceramic wall tiles are made with European 3D High Definition DIGITAL Printing Technology by Durst™ machines from Germany, digital printing inks from Esmalglass-Itaca™ imported from Spain, glazes and fritts from Spain. All this to ensure to remain ahead of the curve and to provide the newest and the finest range of wall tiles to our customers. Our range of ceramic wall tile includes Super Glossy series wall tiles, Hard Matt series wall tiles, SOFT MATT wall tiles, Elevation series wall tiles (for outside wall application), Natural Stone type wall tiles, Punch series wall tiles, wall tiles for Kitchen application, Light-Dark combination wall tiles, Highlighter wall tiles series, Digital wall tiles and more

President Ceramic provide series of wall tiles with numerous color combination and designs. This is to make sure that you get what you want. The sizes available are:

- 12” x 18” (300mm x 450mm - Rectified)
- 12” x 24” (300mm x 600mm -  Rectified)
- 12” x 12” (300mm x 300mm  -  Rectified to match the wall tiles)
- Elevation 8” x 18” (200mm x 450mm  -  Rectified)
- Elevation 8” x 16” (200mm x 400mm  -  Rectified)
- Elevation 7” x 20” (180 mm x 500mm  -  Rectified)
- Digital Printed Tiles 12” x 24” (300mm x 600 mm  -  Rectified